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25 Dec 2014 - TCO Fundraising Drive 2014


Hey all!

First and foremost, thank you for continuing to support TCO year after year. 

For those of you who have been with TCO a while, you'll note that TCO has always been brought to you ad free. For those of you who are new to TCO, it has always been my desire to bring an ad free space where the community can just be the community without annoying banner ads or other click throughs. 

To help keep TCO ad free, periodically we will do a TCO fundraising drive. How frequently do we do these "fundraising drives?" The last time we held one was back in November  of 2010.

Because of how TCO is run, we keep the costs of running it fairly modest:

$13.50 per year for Web Registration

$60 per year for Web Hosting. This cost is much lower than it could be, due to an ongoing arrangement we have for shared web hosting. 

Essentially $75 covers a year of keeping TCO ad free. 

If you would like to donate, simply click on the spiffy paypal donate button. 

If you would like to donate through a method other then paypal, please contact Antigoth directly via PM.

Due to paypal fees, any donation of less then $5 will be refused (sorry).
Anyone donating $10 or more will get TCO Donor Access, and the option for a spiffy title of your choice.

Anyone who is already a TCO Donor, and wishes to donate again, thank you! Suggestions on what perks you might like are welcome. 

Brian Mitchell
TCO Owner

11 Aug 2014 - Raw Deal World Championships 2014


Hey all! I know it's been a while since we've seen a front page article update, but there's just something about this year's Gencon that feels special.

Here's everything you need to know about the World Championships held at Gencon 2014 August 14-17. (And a special promo by TCO's Softcore Legend)

Read More

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31 Aug 2012 - Formats and the Status of Raw Deal in 2012


Are you coming back to Raw Deal, and wondering what formats are supported today by the Raw Deal Players Committee? Here is a quick introduction by the World Champion Drew Marquez

Read More

24 Mar 2012 - Raw Deal Theorycrafting Part 1: You Play To Win The Game

By Brian “BigPimpin” Paolercio and Drew “Buddha Dudley” Marquez 

People play Raw Deal for many different reasons, some of which include camaraderie between its players as well as taking the reins of your favorite WWE superstar. This series of articles is focused on the competitive aspects of Raw Deal. Our goal, once you've read this series, is to be able to make decks that are more competitive and that have higher win/loss percentages.

The first step in doing that is figuring out how to win.

Read More

15 Mar 2011 - The #Tigerblood Intern Search

Living the Rock and Roll life of a Vatican Assassin?

03/21/11 - The final update for this chapter.

Read More

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08 Feb 2011 - The Red Horizon is Upon Us!

TCO would like to congratulate Jasco Games on completely selling-out their first printing of the UFS Relaunch set Red Horizon. Taking just a week to sell-out after receiving their print run, Jasco is vowing to satisfy customers with a second print run. Expecting to ship Mid-March, this will be the final printing of Red Horizon.

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16 Jan 2011 - Faggots and Fudgers - Oh My!


You know this isn't going to end well.

( open letter to 92 Citi FM)

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31 Dec 2010 - When did Brandi Orchid join Soul Calibur??? A look at Taki and a look into Quest for Souls

We wrap up 2010 with our conclusion of the 5 part series of articles on UFS.

We thank NJ for all he's contributed, and wish everyone a successful 2011.

Read More

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