Author Topic: SG Clash of Champions 2016 Report (Re-awakening Cycle)  (Read 1485 times)

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SG Clash of Champions 2016 Report (Re-awakening Cycle)
« on: September 15, 2016, 07:46:12 AM »
Results for today's tourney:

Keith: Hulk Hogan
Sheila: Shield
Eugene: Shield
Roy: Ryback
Joshua: Dudley Boyz

Format: Round Robin due to amt of players

1st: Eugene 4-0
2nd: Roy 3-1
3rd: Sheila 2-2
4th: Keith 2-2
5th: Joshua 0-4

Keith - Roy (p)
Keith (p) - josh
Keith (p) - eugene
Keith - sheila (p)

Roy (p) - keith
Roy (p) - sheila
Roy (p) - joshua
Roy - eugene (p)

Eugene (p) - sheila
Eugene - Keith (p)
Eugene (p) - joshua
Eugene (p) - roy

Joshua - Keith (p)
Joshua - eugene (p)
Joshua - Roy (p)
Joshua - sheila (p)

Sheila (p) - keith
Sheila - Roy (p)
Sheila - eugene (p)
Sheila (p) - joshua

Commentary of Meta:
With VR5 realise, many people felt that The Shield was a beginners-friendly deck and was super powerful. One archetypes were ran for the Shields deck in our tournament and it was running on the "Requirement: Tag team superstar" build.

Dudley boys is a great deck but requires greater reversal coverage. It was running on what is commonly referred to as the Third Reversal style in Singapore and didn't had much in the way of reversing cores; which many decks in the tournament were relying upon. Note: Going Defense card builds might have been a better alternative.

Ryback was an incredibly scary deck that could rack up wins pretty quick. Though I felt it was like an auto-pilot deck, it was incredibly aggressive. The deck was running on a momentum build which was insanely hard to compete.

Overall, I felt that many decks were relying on momentum and the meta seems to have shifted to such. Perhaps We would see more Momentum reversal coverage in future decks at future tournaments.
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Re: SG Clash of Champions 2016 Report (Re-awakening Cycle)
« Reply #1 on: September 15, 2016, 09:52:24 AM »
Typed this on my way home so pardon any error. But back to the main topic, the tourney was eventful as a whole cause we finally got back to Revo, plus we crowned a new champ! Congrats to Eugene for taking home the grand prize! Here's my mini personal report:

Match 1: Hulk hogan vs Ryback (P)

First official game of Revo in a long time, and no one better to start with than Roy and his Ryback! Hogan started off with a bad hand with only 2 hybrid reversals and no playable 0F antics. Ryback pretty much had a good hand that reversed almost everything that I threw in. Late game saw some minor comebacks like Desperate Kick and some hybrid reversals (body slam or full nelson) after suffering a few aggression rules from playing antics and getting reversed. End game was tight as he kept throwing Double Leg Crab Holds which I just kept reversing. But after running out of reversals ans momentum reversals, the long series of momentum-ed cards sealed the deal for a 0-1. Tight match!


Match 2: Hulk Hogan (P) vs Dudley Boyz

Joshua borrowed my deck, so more or less I knew what he had, but obviously not what he is going to play. Started off with a generally good hand by forgoing Ruckus (cause my hand had Quick Grapple to reverse Extremes). Hit my first maneuver in but his Get The Tables just shuffled everything back. Still, I had the answer to most of his Extremes although he did build up quite some steam to begin with. The constant throwing in of Ring Steps and Struck by Singapore Canes did put some pressure. But with a well timed Boot and a series of Ashleys and Spirited, it was good game and the old man downed the 9th tag team champs.


Match 3: Hulk Hogan (P) vs Shield (Eugene)

First Shield of the night, as Hogan steps into the ring with the Hounds of Justice. The match was basically how it usually turned out though. Since I had to discard a card for Hounds of Justice, I could play you're fired on my first turn to pump up more reversals in my hand. With the hybrid reversals, I was able to stop him for a turn or 2 before i went out of reversals. From there, the real plummeting begins with Cores and Means thrown at Hogan every turn. Hogan on the other hand starts to build up his Ashleys which would prove to be the deciding factor of the game in the end. Really just a chain of maneuvers and reversals, but with my Antics every turn, his Arsenal just grew lesser and lesser. Ended the game with a Spirited Turn of Events for 8 card overturn. Hogan ends up being the stain in Shield's otherwise perfect record for the night.


Match 4: Hulk Hogan vs Shield (sheila) (P)

In a match played out a million (and 1) times, i sort of had an idea of how Shield works. But then again, what could have gone right went wrong, and what could have went wrong got worst. Basically I had 0 fort up until the 3rd or 4th turn of the game, and I had to use up The Hulkster super early in the game to start my fort rolling. Indeed I was able to hit in my moves, but not being able to search for any of my Antics proved to be the nail on the coffin as I had 2 Ashleys, but 0 Antics to make use of them. And if it couldn't have ended worst, I got hit with Believe In The Shield AND a momentum-ed Double Superkick for the Pinfall. Shocker results indeed!


Overall the calibre of games were high as usual, and everybody had fun. Although my 3 decks eventually filled the bottom half of the ranking, it was still really fun throughout the entire night. Hope for more of such games and congrats to Eugene and Roy for walking away with the prizes!

Till next time, thanks for reading and have a nice day! :)

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Re: SG Clash of Champions 2016 Report (Re-awakening Cycle)
« Reply #2 on: September 15, 2016, 11:14:11 AM »
Always good to see any type of Tournament results.

Good job, guys!  ;)

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Re: SG Clash of Champions 2016 Report (Re-awakening Cycle)
« Reply #3 on: September 16, 2016, 05:23:21 AM »
Thanks to the organizer for the tournament and the prizes as well. Keep up the good work.

Ryback is indeed a simple deck to play. here is the decklist for more info:,16839.0.html

To the TCO team, thank you for keeping the game alive, i really love this set
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Re: SG Clash of Champions 2016 Report (Re-awakening Cycle)
« Reply #4 on: September 19, 2016, 11:36:36 PM »
My tournament report for Clash of Champion and my first win of tournament, My Shield deck is based on the tag team mav and focus on either core or mean depend on what opponent throw in previous turn, once he runs out of reverses, it time to shine by hitting the same spot and finish it off with Superkick when it meet the requirement of 5 cards with tag team requirement and it become a Trademark Finisher instead of Assault. Jump into the main topic, as follow is the highlight of the matches,

Match 1: The Shield(P) VS The Shield

I would said i got lucky hand when i drawn for my hand with 2 second solution in hand, my first two turn of the game is as easy as walk in the park, however opponent is using The Shield as well which my reverses does no damage as well which turn out to be a headache. After a few turn of avoiding hit by opponent, i couldnt stop it coming and take a few punches but i do destroy it till i've trained for this day for my life which turn out to be a comeback because i kinda left less than 10 cards in my Arsenal but managed to finish the game by superkick to end the game.



Match 2: The Shield VS Hogan (P)

The start off of match is well play by me and opponent as we both have equally counter each other mav in first few round, a well range of exchange of fist between the two but i lack of Antic reverses which is a major upset in the game but i did squeeze in a few core mav but opponent reverses was too much for me to handle even though i dont need to take damage from it but the Antic eventually drain me off and ended me with Spirited Turn of Events for 8 card overturn. Overall is a well play match as both exchange of damage is rather exciting to watch.



Match 3: The Shield VS Dudley Boyz

I truly believe my "luck of draw: is damn good as i draw up for 2 outmav for my hand which Dudley Boyz cant hit me with homicidal lunge in the first few round and i gain a reasonable standing by hitting my core without reverses by opponent, i guess its a bad hand for him but big chance for me so i decide to hit in all core mav and end the game with superkick as a trademark to end the game.



Match 4: The Shield(P) VS Ryback (The deciding round)

Come to the last match, without knowing what to expect and i decided to lay core mav till it open first blood and indeed, it open up the path for me but out of nowhere, the swamp of momentum by Ryback is very impressive and sadly my reverses for momentum card is in the deck which make me a easy target for Ryback to feed on me but nevertheless, i finish up the game with Reign's Spear to seal the Victory.



With the new introduction of tag team format card and superstar, indeed it changes the play in REVO which is even more exciting, in addition with next tournament set to be a tag team theme, can't wait to see the fire burning again and may the best win in the next tournament!

Till next time!

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Re: SG Clash of Champions 2016 Report (Re-awakening Cycle)
« Reply #5 on: September 19, 2016, 11:55:27 PM »
Congrats to Eugene for his win! Your Shield was a tough one to beat. Looking forward to your Tag Team for the next tourney! 2 time champ maybe? Hahaha!