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The Giant fantasy card and support cards.
« on: December 13, 2016, 12:00:48 PM »
The Giant
Starting Handsize:10
Superstar Value: 6
WCW Superstar Ability: Your opponent may not play any card with "Giant" in the title. Your maneuvers are plus #D where number is equal to the difference of cards in both your hands. You may pack No Sell Maneuver, Managed by Jimmy Hart, Big Show Maneuver cards they are now WCW cards.

Giant Headbutt Throwback
Strike + Strike
When you have greater fortitude, this card requires three reversals instead of two.
F: 0 D:8 Unique **

Giant Chokeslam
Trademark Finisher
You may play this card from ringside. Your opponent may not activate Sustained Damage to this card.
F:30 D:30 Unique ****

Jimmy Hart Interferes
Reversal Special
Before playing this card blank the maneuver. This card may reverse any card with a printed reversal restriction. When overturned remove this card from the game. Reverse any non unique maneuver.
F:15 D:0

Gigantic Rage
Action + Action
When you have greater fortitude your next two maneuvers played cannot be reversed from hand. When you have lower fortitude remove all copies of Sustained Damage from the game.
F:10 D:0
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