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Do you play Legacy?

Started by Antigoth, November 02, 2009, 01:37:59 PM

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Do you play Legacy?

Yes, I play Legacy only.
1 (4.8%)
Yes, I play Legacy and Standard
8 (38.1%)
No, I play Standard Only.
6 (28.6%)
I no longer play UFS
3 (14.3%)
I have never played UFS.
3 (14.3%)

Total Members Voted: 18


I just want to know - how many UFS players do and do not play legacy.


my tournaments are only legacy but i do hold a standard tourny once in a while.



I prefer playing as Priceless as opposed to Legacy, myself.

Oh, wait, this isn't the R5 forum...
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Quote from: Daeva on November 05, 2009, 09:01:27 PM
I prefer playing as Priceless as opposed to Legacy, myself.

Oh, wait, this isn't the R5 forum...

Damn, beat me to it  :P
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I left Legacy WAY behind.

there is 1 last player in our meta that likes legacy, next time she bothers me with that format, I'll promo YunSeong mill her to hell and back. With her slow building and drawing mixed with LEGACY void stuff, no brainer!


meh forget Void Y-S3, gimme my Fire Athena Asamiya2 or my Life Leona2/X3 and i'll roll anyone.



I havent played Legacy yet. I have to agree $10 is too steep for a DLC. The review said it did have completely new environments. I swear if i see another cave with dead end doors,piers/docks with loot always in the same spots, or mansions... i will send Bioware a box full of pop up books, maybe even an etch-i-sketch. How can a comnay as well seasoned as bioware go from the explosive hit of origins to this lackluster regurgitating over and over pile of dung.